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4 in 1 High Pressure Massage Shower Head


About this item

  • Revitalize Your Shower Experience: Upgrade your shower routine with this pressure-boosting shower head, featuring micro-nozzle technology that increases water pressure by up to 260% and saves up to 35% water compared to ordinary handheld shower heads. The powerful water nozzles provide full coverage of the rain experience, even with low water pressure, making it ideal for relieving tired muscles and improving sleep.
  • Advanced Purification System: This shower head features an ultra-fine purification system with an upgraded high-density filter cotton that effectively removes chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, and sediment. It also balances the pH value of the water and infuses beneficial minerals into the skin, making it softer and hair smoother. With a visual window, you can easily monitor the filter’s usage and replace it in time.
  • Ultimate Hair and Scalp Care: This 2023 latest shower head is designed for optimal hair and scalp care. It features a soft silicone brush that massages the scalp, relieves itching, promotes blood circulation, and reduces stress. Its effective cleaning power removes flakes and buildup from the scalp, spreads hair care products deeply, leaving your hair cleaner, fresher, and your scalp invigorated. Perfect for hair washing, baby baths, and pet rinsing.
  • Customizable Shower Experience: This handheld shower head offers 3+1 spray modes and an ON/OFF button to customize your shower experience. Choose from rainfall mode, massage mode, or mixed mode, catering to the needs of your entire family. The hydro jetting mode helps you clean hard-to-reach areas like tiles and corners conveniently. You can easily control the water flow and temperature with the ON/OFF button, without the need to adjust the valve.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Installing this detachable shower set is a breeze and requires no plumber. The shower set comes with everything you need for installation, and its general size G1/2” fits any standard size shower arm. You can install it yourself in just a few minutes, as easily as screwing in a light bulb. Cleaning is equally simple, and you can easily unscrew the fixing ring and remove the SUS 304 plate to clean it with clean water and remove any scale buildup. Enjoy a revitalized shower experience with ease and convenience.


1. Made of high-quality ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and drop-resistant
2. Multi-mode selection can meet everyone’s bathing needs. With the massage head function, you can give the head a massage to relax while bathing
3. Use different modes to rinse the head, and the shower with filter can keep the passing water clean
4. The smooth surface does not scratch hands, no matter it is an adult or a child, it can be used with confidence

Product information:

Product Category: Shower/Shower
Features: Spray, massage, Beauty, Bubble, Rain shower
Material: ABS
Installation type: 4 points interface
Process: spray painting
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Style: Light luxury
Shower shape: Round

Product picture: