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Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids and Adults

It will help get rid of annoying neck pain while driving!

Car seat belt adjuster for kids and adults

The seat belt must be tight: stop any lateral movement without irritating the face, neck, or chest area.

Soft and comfortable: made of quality leather, durable, does not cause abdominal discomfort during use.
Compact design: small size is ideal for harness, it won’t be hot in summer.
Easy to install and store: time-saving and portable, you can keep it fastened with your seat belt.
Compatibility: Fits any standard seat belt width (up to 50 mm).

Made from quality leather, soft and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to get hit in the stomach like plastic/metal clips. These regulators will not cause abdominal discomfort after use.

Small size matches the harness perfectly and is easy to carry and does not cause heat or discomfort when using.

How to use