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Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit For Angle Grinders


The Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit for Angle Grinders is a specialized cutting tool designed to create precise beveled edges or chamfers on a variety of materials. This bit is specifically engineered for use with angle grinders, which are versatile power tools commonly used in construction, woodworking, and metalworking applications.


Superior Cutting Performance & Abrasion Resistance – The diamond beveling chamfer bit is constructed with high-grade diamond particles embedded in a durable metal matrix. This diamond coating ensures exceptional hardness, longevity, and superior cutting performance. Lengthened threaded interface, more durable and sturdy. The diamonds provide excellent abrasion resistance, allowing the bit to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications.

M10 Thread For Easy Installation – Designed to fit onto the spindle of an angle grinder, this chamfer bit is compatible with M10 spindle sizes. It offers easy installation and secure attachment to the angle grinder, ensuring stability and precise cutting performance.

Bevel Design – Relieves pressure, making it easy for the bevel to enlarge, grind, and polish existing holes.

Just Use it Directly – Built-in cooling wax, just use it dry, no need to add water during grinding, and opening holes is more convenient.

Matching Machine Model – Usually installed on 100mm Angle grinder/electric hand drill, which can be installed directly or with extension rod.

Widely Used – Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit can be used for reaming, trimming, chamfering, and polishing. It can be used for a range of applications, such as Processing of stone and ceramics, etc. Its versatility, precision, and durable diamond coating make it a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts.


Material: Brazed diamond

Scope of application: Ceramic tiles, marble, quartz stone, granite

Applicable model: 100mm Angle grinder

Function: Suitable for expanding holes, chamfering, and polishing marble, quartz stone, ceramic tiles, etc

Features: Sharp grinding, wear-resistant and durable, environmentally friendly, and long service life