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Double-Head Skirting Thread Seamless Nail

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This non marking nail for skirting is designed specifically for installing skirting lines


  • 🤠【Skirting Line Dedicated】  You no longer need to worry about falling off the skirting lines or rusting the nail holes, which will affect the aesthetics.
  • 🤠【High-quality Nails】 The surface is galvanized, can effectively prevent nail corrosion and meet your long-term use needs. Hardware Nails are of hard material, very strong and sharp, and keep the shape and not bend easily when you use.
  • 🤠【Easy Installation】 There is no need for an electric drill to drill holes. First, put the nail into the sleeve, drive the nail into the wall, fix a nail according to the length of the skirting line of about half a meter, and then fix the skirting line to the nail.
  • 🤠【Give Away Special Tools】 This nail specific sleeve tool allows you to place the nail into the sleeve and directly tap it into the wall.


  • Material: Iron, zinc plated
  • Color: Silver
  • Size:


  • 1 Set × Double-Head Skirting Thread Seamless Nail (100pcs)