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EELHOE Eye Cream Anti Aging Eye Cream for Removing Eye Bags Wrinkles Fine Lines Dark Circle Firming Lines(15ml)
 Eye Cream – This is an ultimate solution to combat all eye-area problems, including dark circles, under eye bags, puffy eyes and the look of eye fatigue, by restoring the firmness and brightness of your skin around the eyes.
  • It can effectively restore the plump and healthy elasticity of the Pouch, Dark Circles, suitable for long time use.


  • It also provides an antioxidant action, fights free radicals, and boosts collagen renewal.The energizing and brightening effect of Nicotinamide and Hyaluronic Acid reduces uneven skin tone and diminish under-eye bags, circle, and puffiness.


  • Formulated with a safe, gentle tissue tightening agent which lifts away Dark Circles! It also provides an antioxidant action, fights free radicals, and boosts collagen renewal.

  • Eye Cream Consists of 2 Main Ingredients. Antioxidant and dark circle reducing, revitalizes and purifies facial skin and neck. Suitable for mature, sensitive or oily skin and skin with impurities. The serum in it is ideal for mature, sensitive or oily skin and skin with impurities, as a foundation and as a night treatment.


  • Sodium Hyaluronate protect skin ulcers, burns, or wounds from irritation so that the skin can heal properly. Some products are also used to help relieve itching and pain from various skin conditions. Hyaluronate is the same as a natural substance that is found in your body.

This is why Dark Circles Reducing Eye Cream Eye Cream is special

  • This small synthetic peptide smooths and firms the skin under and around the eyes.
  • Absorbs quickly to rejuvenate the delicate eye area for bright, lifted and youthful-looking eyes.
  • Helps reinforce and firm the look of skin in the face and neck to minimize the appearance of dark circles while locking in moisture.
  • Ideal for all skin types and safe even for sensitive or reactive skin.
  • Regain your youth.
  • It’s suitable for men and women.
  1. Open the eye cream to seal the inner lid.
  2. Squeeze an appropriate amount of eye cream.
  3. Apply the eye cream from the inner corner of the eye to corner of the eye evenly without the need to massage the eye skin.

TIPS: Before use, keep the skin around the eyes dry.



  • Shelf life: 3 Years
  • Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from light
  • Net Weight: 15ml