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Egg Storage Box Refrigerator Organizer

If you’re tired of cluttered and disorganized refrigerators and want a simple, effective way to keep your eggs fresh and easy to access, try the EggSaver today!


🥚Auto-flip: The holder of the box has an auto-flip function. When a layer of eggs is removed, the holder will automatically flip over to facilitate the removal of the next layer of eggs, which is convenient and saves time and effort.

🥚Vertical design: The storage box is designed with the eggs placed vertically and with the small end facing downward. This way the egg yolk can be kept in a lower position, reducing the oxygen entering the yolk and thus extending the shelf life and taste of the eggs.

🥚Multi-layer design: The egg organizer is designed with three layers, each layer can hold multiple eggs, making full use of the storage space, easy to store and access, saving the hassle when storing eggs.

🥚Time scale: The scale on the top of the egg organizer can record the time the eggs are stored, allowing you to keep track of how long the eggs are kept fresh and avoiding egg deterioration caused by long storage time.

🥚Healthy material: Our EggSaver are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials to ensure a long life and provide excellent protection and freshness.


  • Material: PTE
  • Weight: 650g
  • Number of eggs that can be accommodated: 30

Vertical storage, healthy and delicious more guaranteed!