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Electrical Latte Art Pen: Creative Coffee Carving Pen for Coffee Cake Decoration

Become a master of coffee art easily with this multifunctional coffee pen in the shape of a bird


Do you love coffee and wouldn’t say no to an original creation worthy of a great barista?

Looking for an EASY, FAST, and BEAUTIFUL way to upgrade your coffee or wow the crowd?

This pen is EXACTLY the utensil you need to say a simple “Would you like some coffee?” in an AMAZING moment.



🌸Cute Shape: The design of the pen is a bird. It is very beautiful and children will be very interested in the tool.

⭐Convenient: The tool is very convenient and can be used to make cake or coffee. When making the other desserts, you can also use the tool to create creative works.

💚Five Colors: There are many colors, white, green, yellow, purple and red. You can choose your favorite color.

🌱Portable: The tool is very small. You can do it with ease and you won’t be under any pressure. If you make a trip, you can make it too.

⚡Easy to Use: The method of using the tool is very simple and safe. Anyone can use it.



Material: plastic

Color: yellow ,red, purple, green, white


Weight: 66.6g


1 x Bird Shaped Multifunctional Coffee Pen