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Golf Club Brush



Our Golf Club Groove Brush is durable and ready to clean like no other brush has cleaned your clubs. Great for both Rookie and Pro players, fun for everyone at any level! 

Maximum cleaning strength to ensure optimal spin on the ball and better contact. With our unique ergonomic design with the golf in mind, our brush will work for you not against you like most do today.

Gain More Confidence

Knowing your clubhead is clean gives you the confidence to strike the golf ball. All your practice and training will fall into place without any dirt throwing you off your A-game. You get more control and spin on the ball with a clean clubhead. Focus on your swing without worrying about anything else. Inch closer to victory with a clean clubhead, thanks to a reliable water brush!

Releases Water Only When You Want It To

The anti-leak reservoir tube only squirts water when it is time for cleaning. Simply squeeze the bottle to get a splash of water that’ll help you dislodge sticky clumps of grass or dirt.

Always On Standby

Easy access and convenience.this is so portable and efficient brush for your clubhead.

*Compatible and safe to use with the leading brands in the club industry.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Easily Cleans Entire Clubhead – Our water brush is equipped with a large nylon-bristles head, giving you a wider coverage when you clean your club. Spend less time cleaning and more time swinging!
  • Shiny Clubs, Zero Leaks – With this tool, clean is just a squeeze away. An anti-leak reservoir tube ensures water won’t dispense until you actually need it. No splashes, no drips, no soaking bags.
  • Portable & Convenient – You won’t have to rummage through your bag just to find this cleaner. Simply attach the 18” heavy-duty retractor clip to your golf bag and enjoy effortless and quick access.
  • Won’t Slow You Down – Lugging your gloves, irons, and golf balls around the green is difficult enough. With a 4oz capacity, this compact cleaner will barely add any more weight to your bag.
  • A Better Golfing Experience – A clean clubhead is an efficient clubhead. Clean means more control, which means more spin on the ball. Keep your accuracy sharp with the help of our water brush.