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Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Jesus Crucifix Pendant

This masterpiece Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Jesus Crucifix Necklace is ideal for daily use with its outstanding details and striking design. It can be also one of the best gift options for your beloved ones.This meaningful Silver HandmadeCross Jesus Necklace is a great piece to express your devotion and reflect your style.

On back side prayer. Below is the translation of the prayer, it is approximate, because many words in the old church language.

  • May God resurrect, and His enemies will be scattered, and may run away from His hating His face. As soon as smoke disappears, they disappear; As the wax melts from the face of the fire, let the demons perish from the person of those who love God and sign the sign of the cross, and in the joy of those who say: Rejoice, Honorable and Life-giving of the Cross of the Lord, drive the demons by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to you, to hell descending and overpowering Diabolical, and bestowing on us the Cross of Your Honest for the expulsion of every adversary. Oh, Most Holy and Life-giving of the Cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy Lady, the Virgin, the Theotokos, and with all the saints for ever. Amen

When designing the necklace I have only focused to depict the Crucifix with great anatomic realism and I kept simple therest. Never goes out of style!

Handcrafted Skull Ring with beautiful design and cast in 925 silver.925 Sterling silver is the standard for beautiful high-quality silver jewelry.All of our rings are handcrafted by the best artisans in ensuring a lifetime use.


  • Material: 925 silver
  • Pendant width: 1.3 Inches; Pendant height: 2.7 Inches
  • Chain length: 50cm