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Invisible Face Lifter Tape

As a gift for your loved ones,this Invisible Face Lifter Tape will be the perfectļ¼

Are you stillĀ worried aboutĀ theĀ big round face, edema, sagging, large bite muscleļ¼Ÿ

Are you stillĀ worried aboutĀ theĀ double chinĀ caused by fat accumulation and the increasing number ofĀ wrinklesĀ on your skin?

Our Face Lifter Tape will help you get a delicate V-shaped face with ease.

BeĀ refined with good sisters

Instant Face Lift

This face lift tape can instantlyĀ liftsĀ sagging skinĀ around the face, smoothes wrinkles, effectively lifts and firms the face, hides the double chin, andĀ creates a V-shaped face.


Invisible Design

This transparent lifting tape is anĀ ultra-thin single-sided film, natural, waterproof, soft, completely invisible after makeup,Ā no traces on the face at all, and the face-lifting effect is obvious.

Breathable & Skin-Friendly

Our face lifting tapes are made ofĀ high-quality materials, which areĀ natural and safe, gentle and non-irritating, breathable and waterproof, making the skin lookĀ firmer and more moisturized, suitable forĀ all kinds of skin.Ā 

Easy to Use

Clean and dry face, stick one end of the tape to one place on the skin, then pull back the skin as much as 3 to 4 inches and push down firmly, then you can see the amazing results.

Versatile usages

These face lift tape and stickers canĀ be applied on your whole face,Ā neck and other body parts, areĀ perfect for any occasion, such as weddings, work, parties, picture taking, anniversary,Ā or other important occasions.

Note: Keep your face clean and dry before using it, please don’t wet your face or make up before pasting it. The face lift stickers can instantly lift the sagging skin around the face, effectively lift and tighten the face, make the chin and face thinner.
Q & A
Q:Are these obvious to people around you? Or can they be covered with make up and still have the same affect?
A:People around you can’t see it. No trace after makeup
Q:Can you use the patches on more than 1 skin tag at a time?
A:Yes you can.
Q:Will the facial lift tape affect my facial makeup?
A:It does not appear when I use it. It makes my face smaller.
  • Skin Type: All
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Color: White
  • 40Pcs/10Sheets/PackĀ 


  • A Box Invisible Face Lifter Tapeļ¼ˆ40Pcs/10Sheets/PackĀ ļ¼‰

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