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Isla Lash

Giving your lashes tremendous volume and shape has never been simpler!


Made of a high-quality, durable soft magnetic material , the magnets will easily hold all day. The eyelash hairs are made of a premium synthetic fibre so they appear natural and wispy.

If looked after properly, your magnetic lashes can last up to 3 months. 

  • Are you over struggling with glue and individual lashes? The Semelco™ is here to give you the fastest, easiest method to applying full strip eyelashes.
  • These magnetic eyelashes are applied in literally seconds. Arriving with a two-in-one beauty tool which is designed to cohesively attach your bottom and top lashes in one go. No messing with sticky glue, no magnetic eyeliner, and no complicated steps, just one easy application and removal each day.
  • Available in three unique styles of lash to suit any occasion or style. Each kit comes complete with a full set of lashes crafted with ultra fine vegan / cruelty free fibers for a luxurious lash look that is clean and refined…with just the perfect amount of volume.
  • Each lash strip is delicately crafted to give you the volume, density and shape of your dreams. Unlike expensive and painful eyelash extensions; the Layla. Lash uses. a light magnetic attachment for both top and bottom strips. You will be able to wear these strips all day and time and time again without damaging your own lashes.
  • You can wear one set daily for a full month, one of the most cost-effective options for false lashes. Fully waterproof, so you can wear anywhere. Easy to clean, re-apply, and re-wear again and again.