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Magic Clip-on Hair Topper

Thinning hair at the top of your head?
Cover it up with this Magic Hair Topper Clip!

There are many color choices to fit your hair and it looks natural like human hair. This hair topper clips easily to cover up sparse hair at the top of your head.
The clips hold firmly to your hair and do not slip off. Also perfect for covering up those popping white hair!
  • COVERS UP SPARSE AND WHITE HAIR. It covers up those thin hair at the top of the head and those white hair!

  • EASY TO USE. You just have to clip it to your hair and it’s done!
  • LOOKS LIKE A NATURAL HAIR. Made from high-quality synthetic hair. People won’t notice that you’re wearing it!

  • CLIPS STRONGLY HOLD. Because of its clips that securely hold on to your head it won’t slip or goof to your hair.

  • STYLE IT AND WASH IT EASILY. If you think the length doesn’t fit you, you can trim it to your desired length. You can also dye it or curl it in whatever style you want!

  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE. Because of its interwoven network, it’s comfortable to wear and breathable.

  • ARC INNER MESH DESIGN. Its arc inner mesh design makes it fit your scalp and looks more natural.
Feel free to trim the hair to your desired length and volume.

How to Use
Look thick with volume with this Magic Hair Topper Clip!
  • Material: Synthetic Hair Extensions With High-Temperature Resistant Fiber
  • Length:22 cm ( Middle: 10cm )
Package Include:
  • 1 x Magic Hair Topper Clip