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Microfiber coral fleece car wash towel set (3 PCS)

Still cleaning your car with dirty, smelly and broken rags? Stop it now! Your old buddy is already rejecting it!

ūüöóIt’s time to give your old buddy a¬†full cleaning!Try this¬†microfiber coral fleece woven into¬†the car wash towel,¬†thick¬†and¬†comfortable,¬†and we also thickened it,¬†which makes it more absorbent than you can imagine.

ūüöóThis car wash wipes can not only¬†remove the dust and stains¬†on the car,¬†but also polishing and waxing,¬†will not harm any part of the car, rest assured that the use of.

ūüöóSimilarly, its practicality is also powerful and terrible, not only can be used to clean small cars but also¬†motorcycles, boats, trucks, SUVs, etc.¬†and¬†even dishwashers, household cleaning, microwaves, dressers, floors, bathtubs, etc.

Material:80% polyester+20% polyamide

Size:11.81*11.81in  ;  11.81*23.62in