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New 2 In 1 Dumpling Maker

Save Time When Making Your Favorite Dumplings!

Ensuring the same size, thickness, and pleating for your dumplings can be a lot of work. This functional dough dumpling machine efficiently assists you in making dumplings a faster pace.

This dumpling mold press will help you create different types of dumpling with ease. Built with two perfectly shaped molds, the NummyMold will help you shape and seal your dumplings within seconds.

Key Benefits

2-in-1 Feature – Save your arms from the tiresome task of using a rolling pin each time you need to flatten dough. NummyMold has a mold press that produces perfectly flat and rounded dough that’s ready for filling and pleating.

Easy to Operate – Using the mold press is easy! Simply place your pre-kneaded dough in the mold and press on the handle. After that, fill the flattened dough with minced ingredients and effortlessly press it down in the pattern mold.

Food Grade Materials – It’s made of a high-quality PP material, making it lightweight and durable. With its sturdy material, the NummyMold is guaranteed to last you for years of use.

Effortless Storage – Designed for your convenience, this wonderful dough presser is easy to wash and clean. NummyMold is also fitted with a hook for convenient storage.