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New 2 in 1 Dumpling Shape Printer

Are you still stumbling about trying to figure out how to prepare dumplings?

A convenient and practical way to make dumpling wrappers, which can help you make perfect dumpling wrappers in a few minutes.

This is a set of dumpling molds and peelers for use in the home kitchen. They fill, fold, and press down on a perfect dumpling. Dumplings may be made fast and simply.

About Dumpling Moulds

Made of PP, food safe, non-toxic and durable.

Innovative pastry mold for making Chinese dumplings, Mexican empanadas, and Polish Pierogies with ease.

Put the dough on the surface, add your favorite fillings on the dough, then close the mold and press to seal a perfect packet.


Dumpling Skin Maker Size: About 27.5*23cm

Package Included:

1 x Dumpling Skin Maker

1 x Dumpling Moulds

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