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Odor-proof Floor Drain

Floor Drain Bathroom Odor-proof Leak Core Silicone Down Water Pipe Draininner Core Kitchen Bathroom Sewer Seal Leak Deodorant


  • Product Name: floor drain core
  • Product material: copper pc silicone
  • Applicable: 33-45mm caliber
  • Color: gold, silver
  • Drainage type: gravity direct drainage
  • Features: anti-blocking, anti-odor, anti backwater


Just put the floor drain in the bathroom drain, bathtub drain, kitchen sink, shower room, or laundry room.

The most economical choice, floor drain has three functions: filtering dirt, blocking odor, and insect prevention. It can not only prevent sewer blockage but also effectively prevent sewer flies!

 Fast drainage, while blocking odor, insects, and dirt, even if a large amount of water is released, will not be blocked.

 Collect fallen hair and small particles of dirt, and act as a cover to prevent odor and insects from entering.

 With a multi-layer structure, even the smallest insects can stay away from your sink, ensuring that all forms of insects are rejected.

 The airtight sealing function, prevent the leakage of peculiar smell and harmful smell and ensure environmental safety.

 Just remove the cover and insert the floor drain core into the sink. Install in a few seconds!

 Made of elastic silicone. Never rusting, elastic, and wear-resistant.

Package Included:

  • 1 * floor drain core


  • If you have any questions, please contact us. We will try our best to solve any problems and provide you with the best customer service.