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Pet Cooling Mat

Enjoy a cool summer with your dog!


Did you know that dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as easily as humans? As a result, many dogs often suffer from heat and dehydration in the summer .
Our self-cooling dog mat offers the perfect solution for keeping your furry friend nice and cool on hot summer days. It combines comfort and functionality to give your dog a cool and relaxing rest period . 

Versatile use – indoors & outdoors

Our cooling mat can be used anywhere. You can use the mat both indoors and outdoors: be it in the living room , on the terrace or in the dog bed .

The cooling dog mat is also perfect for on the go . Take them to the beach, camping, or long car rides to ensure your four-legged friend always has a cool and comfortable place to rest.

The cooling solution

With the innovative cooling mat from Emmalove, a cooling and comfortable place of refuge has been created for your darling. The multi-layer premium material not only promotes the flow of cooling , but also acts as comfortable padding. Since our cooling mat consists purely of animal-friendly material, it is free of chemicals and BPA and therefore also suitable for sensitive dogs .

Innovative & compatible materials

Our dog mat consists of 3 different materials and is therefore not only self-cooling , but also breathable , sweat-absorbent and still waterproof !
The mat is chemical and BPA free . It is therefore absolutely animal-friendly and also suitable for sensitive furry friends. 

Easy cleaning

Our cooling mat is also very easy to clean. Light soiling can easily be washed off with a sponge . In case of heavier soiling, the mat can be washed either by hand or with the machine (on the gentle cycle).

Our tip : for extra cooling, put the mat in your freezer for a while !

Unsure what size your four-legged friend needs?

The cooling dog mat is available in different colors and sizes. Whether small, medium or large – we have the right size for your furry friend .