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Portable Root Remover Claw Weeder Garden Lawn Long Handled Stand Up Weed Puller Tools

Garden Weed Puller – No-Bending Standing Plant Root Remover Grabber Hand Tool with 3 Claws, Stand-Up Manual Weeder with Long Handle

Do you hate pesky weeds ruining your beautiful garden? Find it hard work removing weeds from your lawn? Are you tired of constant bending down that is hurting your back? This fantastic Weed Twister is the perfect solution!
It features deep-reaching stainless steel claws that grab the weed’s root from multiple directions to pull it out of the ground and the foot platform makes it easy to maximizes force to penetrate tough soil.
The aluminum tube is powder-coated and oval, and very stable and comfortable. The handle is made of ABS, and the ergonomic design ensures a firm grip during work.
Use a spring ejection device on the handle to remove the plant from the grab. As long as the spring ejection mechanism is pressed, unpleasant herbs are released from the gripper. Therefore, weeding was completed immediately.

Product name: Weeder
Product material: ABS
Product net weight: 513g
Product size: 100x15cm/39.37×5.91in


1 X Weeder