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Protective Anti Fog Transparent Full Face Shield

The Covid-19 pandemic may be over a year and half old, but it’s still surging in many places across the world. You need a mask to remain safe, but many masks won’t give you the proper protection you need to remain safe.

Do Face Shields Protect From Covid

If you’re worried about your safety among the explosion of the Delta variant, you need this protective and transparent full-face shield. This mask offers you an abundance of features which surgical or cloth masks simply won’t. For example, your eyes will be fully covered, along with the rest of your face, offering more spatial and area protection than conventional masks.

Are Face Shields As Effective As Masks

This face covering is also more effective and comfortable than regular masks and everyone will be able to see your entire face because of the transparency inherent in the shield. Everyday communication is made simple and effective with the face shield, making your life easier while it’s made safer.

How To Clean Face Shield


Anti-Fog Technology: Most facemasks fog up and distort your vision, but this face shield is designed to never fog up. You can see clearly for miles in all directions, at any time. Wear the mask while outside or in humid conditions, it makes no difference. You’ll always be able to see!

Durable Silicone Safety: This face shield is one of the most durable on the market. You’ll never have to worry about dropping or breaking it because the shield can take a licking and keep on ticking. Wear it for months, until the pandemic fully ends, and feel protected every day.

Flexible Design: The mask fits around your entire face, offering you unmatched and critical protection from every germ and element of the outside world. You can rest assured knowing you’re fully insulated from the terrors and irritants of the outside world with this face shield on.

Where Can I Buy Face Shields


Unparalleled Protection: The protective, transparent face shield is among the best on the market. It offers a guaranteed safety not many face shields can match and will leave you feeling safe and protected at all hours of the day and all days of the year.

Clear Communication: In addition to being anti-fog, this face shield is totally transparent, which means you’ll be able to communicate clearly with everyone around you. No more having to remove your mask just to speak with a cashier or friend. You can do it right through the mask!

Comfort And Savings: You’ll hardly even notice that this face shield is on throughout your day, in addition to saving money on protection and durable safety. Masks of this quality can be expensive, but this face shield is available for a reasonable and affordable price.

How To Use Face Shield During Covid


  • Material: Polycarbonate Lens
  • Size: 21×16cm/8.26×6.29inch
  • Design: Breathing Filter Plug Design, Silicone Seal Design.
  • Function: Anti-Smoke, Anti-Liquid, Anti-Dust, Anti-Wind, Anti-Sand
How To Prevent Face Shield From Fogging

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