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Protein Thread Lifting Set

This Collagen Silk Thread Helps with Anti-Aging and Rejuvenate Your Skin 5x Faster with a Simple 3-step Process!

✔️‎ Get rid of wrinkles and flabby skin
✔️‎ Reduce years of stress in the face
✔️‎ Improve skin elasticity
✔️‎ Perfect for all skin types
✔️‎Completely natural (no side effects)

Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines and look a decade younger again!

As people age, wrinkles become more prevalent, particularly around the eyes, mouth, and neck where the skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic. But now you can easily wipe them off your face!

With the power of all-natural ingredients packed into Nanlui Protein Thread Lifting Set, you can:
✔️ Remove fictitious lines and wrinkles that have not yet developed!
✔️ Get tight skin without expensive facial treatment!
✔️ Stop the skin from sagging, moisten skin thoroughly!

How this works?

Nanlui Protein Thread Lifting Set? A line made of absorbable protein is called a protein line. Lifting the line face or body can keep attractive skin and a young appearance while also improving skin relaxation.

✔️ Repair damaged skin using nutrients that work quickly to slow down the signs of aging.
✔️ Promotes white nourishing skin, Helps improve the dryness of skin lifts it and alleviates the wrinkles build up.

5 Key Features To Help You For Everyday Use


Skin elasticity is improved
The spray’s platinum-gold extract can boost the renewal of skin cells. Skin elasticity is greatly enhanced by this facial treatment set.

Reduces lines and wrinkles
Enhances flexibility and reduces lines for a wonderfully youthful look. All skin types, including saggy, aged, and extremely dry skin, respond beautifully to the facial serum.

Can be applied to different body areas
A unique solution with a long-lasting result can be carried out in different areas. Can be used on the face, jawline, cheeks and mid-face area, eyebrows, and neck.

Kills Dry Lines
One thing I found unique and impressive about this face serum is it helped diminish dry lines across my face. No amount of moisturizer has ever done that for me. The benefits align together to create an impressive package that I can trust and use in the long run.

Powerful combination of Silk-Protein Soluble threads and Gold Essence Serum
For quick, on-the-go youthful skin and shine-free skin, instantly firm and tightens skin whilst deeply hydrating and skin brightening. Specially designed to help improve the smoothness of your skin and help to maintain the collagen, skin toning, and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Result: Rejuvenated and radiant-looking skin!

No more pricey procedures, dozens of creams, or needles! Use this Nanlui Protein Thread Lifting Set to get rid of your wrinkles. All you need to do is apply this to your face’s wrinkles and let it work as you sleep. increases collagen formation fills up fine wrinkles and has a powerful hydrating effect.

✔️ No wounds, no needles, and no burning, uplifting effectiveness.
✔️ Decreases puffiness and swelling around the eyes.
✔️ Enhances sagging areas.
✔️ Leaves skin moisturized and radiant.
✔️ Appropriate for all skin types, even oily skin.

Effect Comparison?

Eula’s 30 days of Face Sculpting Protein Thread Lifting Set Report

“I did my due diligence before buying my own set of Nanlui Protein Thread Lifting Set. The reviews were amazing, and thousands of people had witnessed a 5x improvement in skin quality and confidence.”


“I started using Nanlui Protein Thread Lifting Set immediately after I received the shipment. The first day of application saw visible differences in my skin firmness and reduced dryness. I was completely shocked at how effective the treatment was. The areas under my eye became much more firm and tighter. Additionally, I could also feel a smoother look on my skin.”


“The actual shock and admiration came at the end of the first week. This was when I realized how effective the face serum was. I was a completely different person. The golden protein thread had worked its charm alongside the face serum. I sprayed the solution twice a day, during the morning and in the evenings. All the lines, wrinkles, and dry spots on my face were visibly reduced, and I could see a firmer glow on the top. I loved the results.

The face serum set had helped me reverse almost 20 years of my life and get the youthful glow I once admired. My face looks a lot younger, plump, and rosy than before. After one week, I also started feeling more confident and ordered another set to replenish my stocks before the set ended in 10 days.”

DAY 30

“I feel like a completely different person now. My wrinkles have almost vanished. My sagging skin is almost perfectly firm now, and there is a natural glow on my face. I feel wonderful. I am now able to go out with friends, meet old relatives and even attend kitty parties. These were events I had previously avoided. All of my friends and family were shocked by this point. They wanted me to let them and others in on my little secret. And here I am.”

How To Use?

Step 1 : Spray Gold Essence Serum: After cleansing, apply the golden liquid evenly on the face.

Step 2 : Place Silk-Protein Soluble Threads: Apply the silk-protein soluble threads to the cheeks and forehead along the skin texture.

Step 3 : Massage Face Upwards: Apply the golden liquid to the protein line and gently massage until absorbed.

Additional tips you can follow while using the product are:

1. Use the silk-protein soluble threads once a week after cleaning your face.

2. Use a whole piece of the gold solution for the first operation, and divide the remaining into two pieces. Spray it on your face every morning and evening.

3. It is recommended to use up a set within 10 days.

Package Included