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Reusable Stretchable Anti Wrinkle Neck Moisturizing Beauty Neck Patch
  • Reduce neck wrinkle and give you youth-look neck!Save money and time from beauty salon.



    • Moisturizing Smoothing Neck Therapy: SPA Anti-Neck wrinkles combines compression and deep skin hydration to smooth away wrinkles and help prevent future wrinkles.

    • Muli- Function: The gel extracted from plants by modern technology has the function of moisturizing, improving the skin and removing the neck wrinkles. Make your skin look smoother and tighter.

    • The Sealed Beauty SPA: Seal care, the beauty neck membrane form a unique wet and hot environment, can fully open the pores and keratinocytes of the surface, so that the skin fully absorbs essential oils, and prevents the loss of nutrition components to the greatest extent.

    • Stretchable: Powerful magic stickers, strong sticky, can adjust the neck membrane according to your own actual situation, so that the neck membrane more close to the skin.

    • Suggestion: Firstly you can smear emulsion or skin care essential oil on the neck then wear neck scarf. The effect will be better.



    • Material: Cotton+ Spandex + Gel
    • Size: Approx. 17.4 x 4.02 inch (one size fits most)
    • Weight: 78g



    • 1 * Reusable Gel Anti-Neck Wrinkles Wrap