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Scratch Repair Car Polish | New Formula

Get your car looking like it just came off the showroom floor with this Scratch Repair Car Polish!Belsizemart

Easy to use and easy to store, the practical squeeze bottle comes with an applicator lid that makes it easy to start the process of wiping out scratches in your car’s paint.Belsizemart Just squeeze a drop or two out of the bottle and wipe it into the surface with a clean cloth. This not only repairs scratches and minor damage to the automobile paint, without harming the primer paint and auto body, but also brightens the finish with a “new car”-style polish. BelsizemartWith a new and improved formula that’s viscous and never oily, you can also use the Scratch Repair Car Polish to help remove blemishes and marks on the paint surface of your vehicle.BelsizemartMagic marker, ballpoint pen ink, and more can be wiped away without damage to the paint. You can also get rid of sticky adhesives and materials with a few drops and a good cloth.BelsizemartNo matter how you utilize this car polish to keep your auto looking its best, the repair agent is built to last. It’s the paint cleaner you’re looking for to fix minor car scratches and auto paint in a jiffy!