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Server Sox Comfy Breathable Compression Socks

The Quick & Easy Way To Stop Pain & Swelling In Your Feet

Specially designed compression socks for women 60+ that are comfy, breathable and made to relieve pain & swelling, while also helping reduce Edema & Varicose veins

The main reason behind your feet & calves hurting, swelling, or feeling tired all the time comes down to poor circulation.

So what it does is apply the perfect amount of compression (20-30 mmHG), and the result is a huge improvement in your circulation.

You’ll notice right away with the pain & tiredness “melting” away as blood flows freely through your feet & calves.

On top of this, you’ll notice your swelling, varicose veins, and even Edema start to clear up!

Even though they’re knee-highs, you’ll never sweat in them. We designed the sox to be moisture-wicking, ultra-breathable and cool feeling on the skin so that you can enjoy them all day long, doing everything you love!

No matter the shape of your feet, how strong your calves are or even how swollen your ankles are, Our sox are super stretchy to fit you perfectly while still offering proper support. They also have built-in arch support to keep you feeling wonderful, even when you’re on your feet all day long.

As your circulation improves wearing our socks, you’ll notice the pain, fatigue, and swelling fully “melt away”. Even varicose veins, Edema and other circulatory related issues will start to improve with regular wearing.

Since our socks give you graduated compression – starting with less compression at the top – they’re not only easy to slide on and off, but feel wonderful on your legs. We’ve also added a built-in non-slip cuff to make sure your new sox will stay up all day long without constant readjustment!

Why Choose Us?

  • The Only Compression Sock Made Specially For Women 60+
  • Quickly Relieves Swelling In Your Feet, Calves & Ankles
  • Helps Relieve Varicose Veins
  • Comfy, Breathable, Stretchy & Won’t Fall Down
  • Fits Your Calves, Ankles & Feet Perfectly
  • Easy To Put On & Take Off