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The Furniture Leg Protectors

Unpleasant noises, scratches on the floor and damage to your furniture….


All these things are now a thing of the past! With our Furniture Leg Protectors™, you prevent damage to your expensive floor or furniture.

Your chairs and tables now glide around smoothly without any noise! The Furniture Leg Protectors are made of soft and elastic silicone. They fit perfectly on both square and round legs for a safer and better grip.

Protection (no scratches) – Thanks to the felt pads on the bottom, the chairs glide silently and smoothly over floors (tile, hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring) without leaving marks.

Perfect fit – The elastic silicone material makes the Furniture Leg Protectors fantastically flexible and bendable. This allows you to easily attach them to any chair and/or table leg (round or square). They then offer a good grip and do not fall off like ordinary fabric table legs.

Noise reduction – never again be annoyed by loud and shrill noises when moving chairs or furniture.

Multifunctional – The Furniture Leg Protectors can be used on furniture with all kinds of different legs. They always fit!

Durably designed – High-Quality Durable Material, 100% food grade organic silicon material.