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Hair wellness.

Our hair growth oil has been scientifically formulated with 100% organic essential oils that promote hair growth.
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.
  • Oils, including rosemary – Promotes the thickness and growth of hair thanks to its ability to improve cell formation.

Thin hair? Hair loss? Bald spots? Thinning hairline?

There are many factors that can contribute to thinning or falling out hair (stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, elevated DHT and miRNA22 levels, impaired microcirculation, and poor scalp health). Often it is a combination of two or more of these problems. Therefore, a holistic 360º approach to hair wellness is the most effective way to promote sustainable hair health.

Our multitasking herbal hair serum contains a combination of clinically tested phyto-active ingredients that work together to support a healthy and balanced follicular ecosystem, while soothing the scalp and revitalizing the hair roots.
This cruelty-free hair serum is free of toxic chemicals, carcinogens or known harmful side effects and contains powerful phyto-active ingredients that have been shown in multiple clinical studies to increase hair density while reducing signs of hair loss to give you thicker, fuller-looking hair.

  • Safe for everyday use, with no known toxins or hormones.
  • 100% animal cruelty free
  • Fuller looking hair in just 90 days, with peak results around 120


  • Fill the dropper full and apply directly to the scalp.
  • Distribute the serum evenly and massage it into the scalp with your fingertips. Works best on dry or towel-dried hair.
  • Can be used in the morning or evening. This is a leave-in product, style your hair normally. Use daily for best results