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ToastMold – Double-Sided Sandwich Baking Pan

Get Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches Each Time!

Delight yourself with delicious sandwiches at any time of the day. ToastMold not only helps you prepare a scrumptious sandwich, but it can also be used for waffles, pancakes, omelettes, and more!
ToastMold is perfect to bring out during camping trips or backyard barbecues. This handy tool adds that perfect crunch and finish to every meal.

Key Benefits:

Double-Sided Pan

Sear your sandwich equally with ease. ToastMold is a double-sided pan, making it convenient to grill food quickly and evenly.

Anti-Scald Handle

 This foldable sandwich grill is versatile with its removable handles. ToastMold handles are wooden and protect you from the heat of the stove or an open fire.

Aluminum Casted

Thanks to its efficient coating, ToastMold is durable and resistant to rust. This feature makes this grill pan a great conductor of heat and easier to cool down.

Non-Stick Pan

Make your sandwich extra tasty without using much oil. Serving your food is made easier with this non-stick feature of the ToastMold.