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Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch

🚗Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch


  • COMPATIABLEThis knife-blade battery disconnect switch is suitable for TOP POST TERMINAL, battery NEGATIVE post only. Maximum Current: 750A, Rated Current: 250A. 6v 12v 24v car truck, bus, RV, Boat, trailer battery
  • TOP LEVEL & HEAVY DUTYThis top post battery disconnect switch is made of brass material, corrosion resistance, conductive performance is good, durably made for safety use
  • EASY TO INSTALLThis battery doctor knife switch for top post batteries can be adjusted into a vertical knife switch through the bottom of the screw, easy to install & simple to use. Switch the knife, then power will cut
  • SAVE ELECTRYCITYThis knife blade master switch is used for the battery to isolate and secure the electrical system, eliminate any power draw from the battery when vehicle or boat is not in use, stop unwanted battery drain and prevent theft or unauthorized use. Widely used for car, truck, boat or RV battery, also other electrical equipment’s battery


  • Material: Brass, PVC
  • Maximum Current: 750A
  • Rated Current: 250A
  • Mount on negative battery post


  • 1* Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch