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Tubing Ratchet Wrench
Can you do that what we can do?
With this, you can.💓💓💓💓💓


  • Wrench angle adjustable
    When the ordinary wrench is used in the plane, the finger can’t reach under the wrench. Tubing Ratchet Wrench is more convenient to grasp and apply force on the plane.
  • Moving head ratchet wrench
    The angle of the head can be adjusted up to 180°. Compared to the straight handle and curved handle type, Tubing Ratchet Wrench can be used in more demanding environments, with quick adjustment and convenient & labor-saving.  

  • CR-V chrome vanadium steel
    Made of selected chrome vanadium steel, high hardness, high torque, good toughness and long service life.
  • Anti-rust & beautiful
    The surface of the wrench is finely polished and does not rust easily.
  • Clockwise counterclockwise bidirectional switching
    You can apply force in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, allowing you to use it more freely. The ratchet can be used repeatedly and is more convenient to use in a narrow environment.
  • Crafted from rugged alloyed steel this set delivers a lifetime of solid performance. Add it to your toolbox and get the strength that gets the job done.
  • Polished finish for easy cleaning💦, Use when removing or replacing nuts on fuel or brake lines.
  • Designed to prevent rounding out edges over time,  One-piece steel alloy construction for rugged performance.


  • Material: Chrome vanadium alloy steel👍

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tubing Ratchet Wrench