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Ultra Light Titanium Foldable Reading Glasses


After repeatedly been confronted with the question why glasses have to be so inconvenient, industrial designer created the first fashionable foldable pocket glasses. The folding mechanism is such that a separate outercasing for preventing the glasses from scratches is not necessary.


  • Our glasses is more than just a pair of spectacles. it is unique, small, convenient, unbreakable, traceable, scratch free and a beautifull to be seen with. It can be personalized by choosing your own color, necklace or accessories.
  • Our glasses protect its own glasses, so scratches are virtually excluded. It is no bigger than a cigarette lighter, making it easy to carry with you.
  • Highest quality and almost unbreakable. Highly precision assembling and the use of titanium as base material for the 28 different parts maii foldable pocket glasses are comparable to Swiss clockworks. No bigger than a lighter and unique in its kind maii is as functional as it is fashionable.
  • It  is fashion and can be worn as a necklace. They are the glasses you definitely want to be seen with.


  • Material: metal frame
  • Lens Material: Resin
  • Style: full screen
  • Color: Blue, Black, Silver, Brown, Red
  • Degrees: +100°, +150°, +200°, +250°, +300°, +350°, +400°


  • 1* PairUltra Light Titanium Material Screwless Foldable Reading Glasses