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White Shoe Cleaning Cream


👍【No need to wash, just rub】

Use a nettoyante anhydré crème to eliminate the effectiveness of the sale and penetrate deep into the upper. Rendezvous with the shoes also clean as new! Transform the shoes “black” into shoes “blanches” in a minute.

✅ 【Decontamination efficiency】

Decontamination and brightening, double protection factor, after cleaning, an insulating film forms on the upper, which isolates dust and stains. Use without washing water to eliminate easily and rapidity of the tenaces of the shoes.

Comparing the traditional method of brushing shoes, this form means there is no blessing in the shoes or in the mains. Cleansing cream for shoes. Active decontamination dissolves, effectively removes dirt with an anhydrous cleaning paste and adds penetrants to penetrate deep into the upper. Keep your shoes looking like new! Give your worn and worn-out shoes a new lease on life instead of throwing them away.

✅【Easy to use】

Simply use the stain remover directly on shoes with a sponge and document back-and-forth movements to lift stains caused by dirt, grass and unsightly marks. Small white shoes, travel shoes, leather shoes, sport shoes, toile shoes, leather bags, car interiors, etc.

✅[Soft, safe and durable]

The traditional method of brushing shoes easily damages the upper, resulting in peeling, stripping, pilling and other upper problems. Our products are formulated to be totally compatible with shoes and networks, turning “black” shoes into “white” shoes in minutes.

Product weight: 200 g
Ingredients: Vegetable saponin, Coconut oil, Antistatic agent, Plant extract.
Product functions: decontamination maintenance, in-depth nutrition, oxidation prevention.