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Witches bells protection rule of three with black salt and pentagram on grape vine wreath

Protect your home from negative energies and evil entities, as well as attract good energies and luck!

Always losing things, being haunted by bad things, insomnia at night, walking and falling down ……

How I reaped good luck and happiness…….

I moved to a new home at the beginning of this year, ready to start a new life, but experienced a bunch of bad things.

At first it was just a bruise that somehow appeared on my leg, and I don’t even remember when I hurt it. Maybe it was just me being careless, I didn’t take it seriously.

Next, there were always noises coming at night that kept me awake. I approached my neighbors, but none of them would admit they were making the noise. For a long time I was experiencing this nuisance, so I started to lose sleep.

It was a very painful time, I couldn’t sleep and I often had arguments with people, but I was a very gentle person. The work started to become unpleasant, and the results of my efforts were stolen by my colleague, who even told my boss that he was jealous of his results because I was mentally ill and couldn’t work. The boss believed him and told me to go home and rest.

I’m really sad and helpless, is this my fate? Am I supposed to be so unlucky?

I found my good friend to talk to, she gave me a witch bell, told me that she once had a time like me, unfortunate, she went to the supermarket as usual, but accidentally had a car accident, her boyfriend also left her. But when she got this witch’s bell and hung her on the door, her life began to gradually change for the better, and even met a new relationship afterwards.

To tell the truth, I felt incredible. Still, I decided to give it a try and that night, I hung the witch’s bell above my bed. It was amazing, I immediately got a good night’s sleep. I hadn’t slept that well for a long time, like returning to my mother’s arms, no noise, no insomnia.

I later read in a book that witch bells hung on the door can grant wishes and bring prosperity into the home. When hung on the door, the bells can invoke good energy, drive away negativity, ward off those bad curses and spirits, and tell evil spirits not to come near you because they cannot tolerate the sound the bells make.

I immediately bought another witch’s bell and hung it on my front door. Listening to the sound of the bell, the negative emotions that had been haunting me for so long seemed to have evolved. I started to communicate gently with others again and stopped arguing. My work went better and better, and the colleague who stole my work was fired by my boss. My skin also became rosy and there were no more dark circles under my eyes. Most fortunately, I also met a romantic relationship.

Good luck is always with you!!

8cm rattan circle + alloy accessories + iron bells + glass bottles + crystal stones

PLEASE NOTE: wooden beads may vary in color from light to dark brown.

Due to handmade, the length of the rope will exist 1-2 cm of error.


🔥Love, Blessings, Happiness

Rattan circle diameter about: 12cm

Total height about: 35cm

Weight about: 83g

🔥Peace and Health

Size about:8*23cm

Weight about: 50g

Harmonious Home, Tranquility:

Rattan circle diameter: about 12cm

Total height: about 30cm

Weight: about 75g

Healing, Cleansing:

Rattan circle diameter about: 12cm

Total height about: 30cm

Weight about: 65g

Love, Beauty:Total height: 55cm Weight: 60g

House Blessing, Cleansing:Total height: 55cm Weight: 60g