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Women 2021 New  Elastic Slip-on Flat Shoes

Have you always wanted something breathable, stylish and easy to wear?

Our elastic flat slip-on shoes are made from a custom premium blend of materials to maximize comfort while staying stylish.


💖To wear for all occasions.

These shoes are perfect for everyday wear. They go perfectly with a skirt or pantsuit, a dress, jeans and a shirt … They are sandals that have become real fashion accessories that you can adopt every day.


  • Wear resistant
  • Suspension
  • Sustainable materials
  • Slip-on and easy to wear.



Natural material: selected natural eco-friendly fabric, skin-friendly and wear-resistant with excellent workmanship.

Great arch support: our shoes provide even weight distribution, correct your poor walking posture and balance your foot muscles by adjusting the structure of your feet.

Long Life & Slip Resistance: With soft and breathable insole and outsole, you will feel like walking on clouds; Not easy to fall down on rainy days.

Easy sizing


Can I use other soles (e.g. orthopedic soles)?

Yes, the Swift Slip has enough space for your soles.

Package: 1 pair of shoes