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Zinc Alloy Invisible Magnetic Doorstop

Protect Your Wall By this Invisible Doorstopper!

Thanks to its powerful magnets, this invisible magnetic door stop shields your walls and floor from the swing of the door! No more banging on the wall and costly time-consuming wall repairs!
It also allows the door to remain open. So, whether you’re unpacking the car alone, or just bringing in the groceries, every move is convenient and relaxed as it keeps the door open hand-free!


  • STRONG MAGNETIC HOLD: sturdy enough to hold the door open
  • PROTECT WALLS FROM DOOR SWING: Perfect for the windy area to keep airflow in the house without the inevitable heavy slamming door.
  • INVISIBLE FLOOR-MOUNTED: a chromed item that will bring in a refined character to your hallway for interior aesthetics.
  • WORKS ON VARIOUS SURFACES: including ceramic, tile, glass, linoleum, marble, metal, wood,  etc.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ZINC ALLOY MATERIAL: equipped with wear resistance, rust-proof, and not easy to deform materials.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply install by use double-sided tape mount to the door, no drill required; There are also mounting screws included in the package for those consumers who prefer drilling installation


  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Size:


Zinc Alloy Invisible Magnetic Doorstop X 1 OR 3