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Galaxy LED Rose Dome

Galaxy LED Rose Dome

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"The Rose That Lasts Until Eternity!"

No more dying roses that last a few days! Get them a magical rose that lasts forever!LumenBloom™ Galaxy Forever Rose™

The Enchanted Galaxy Forever Rose is a stunning, lifelike rose that will never wilt or fade, no matter the conditions, just like the unbreakable love it represents!

Each rose is a one of kind art piece, to perfectly suit the person it is given to. Crafted with perfection and attention to detail, each Enchanted Galaxy Forever Rose is carefully placed in a glass dome and wrapped in a magical fairy string light preserving it for many years to come. The finished result captures the beauty of the cosmos in a stunningly bright, and long-lasting form.

What sets the Enchanted Galaxy Forever Rose apart from ordinary roses is its breathtaking appearance. Each rose beholds a beautiful galaxy design, featuring swirling purplesblues, and pinks that evoke the majesty of the universe. The effect is simply mesmerizing and is sure to captivate anyone that walks into any room it's in.

"Add a little light to her world"

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature, beauty, and the mysteries of the cosmos. Whether for a Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or just to treat yourself to a magical centerpiece or night light!
The Enchanted Galaxy Forever Rose is sure to remind your loved one of you every time they see it.
So why settle for ordinary flowers that will wilt in a matter of days? Treat yourself or someone special to the enchanting beauty of the Enchanted Galaxy Forever Rose, and enjoy the wonder of the universe in your home or office for years to come!

Get The Enchanted Galaxy Forever Rose™ Today!

❤️Handcrafted with love
✨25+ LED fairy string lights
🌹Preserved in a glass dome
🎁One-of-a-kind unique gift
(Gift Box Available)

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