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Hidden Bedside Phone Tablet Holder Retractable

Hidden Bedside Phone Tablet Holder Retractable

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This is the newest design of cell phone tablet holder in 2023, say goodbye to clip-on holders, no more damage to your furniture!

Your bed, sofa or desk has a gap to insert this stand, not only can it be inserted, but also can be placed directly on the table.The bottom and back of the sheet metal bracket inserted into the gap has elastic foam to protect the wall and bed.

You can use it in any gap or surface, such as a headboard, sofa or desk. You can stand, sit, lean or even lie down, free your hands and enjoy this robotic arm stand.

This hidden stand has four joints, three of which are designed with tension adjusters and the last one can rotate 360 degrees.

There are 4 style options:

Basic version:  Clip-on cell phone holder

Basic version:Clip-on phone + tablet holder

Upgrade: Hidden Cell Phone Holder

Upgrade: Hidden Phone + Tablet Holder

Material: Alloy

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