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Ice Facial Roller

Ice Facial Roller

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Naturally tone and tighten your face and neck, de-puff eyes and enhance your glow with skin icing. Harness the rejuvenating and beneficial effects that cold temperatures has on your skin. Skin icing has become a popular morning and evening ritual for better-looking skin.

Use for an instant wake-me-up, eliminate under eye puffiness, brighten complexion, tighten and shrink pores, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce inflammation.


  • Tightens skin and shrinks pores
  • Eliminates and cools under eye puffiness
  • Brightens complexion and reveals a healthy glow
  • Stimulates blood circulation and reduce inflammation
  • Enhances skin elasticity and collagen production
  • Suitable for daily use

Benefits of skin icing - Glide and massage ice all over dull skin to shrink pores and prevent wrinkles, reduce redness, sun exposure and soothe the skin. Skin icing is a powerful therapy to numb sharp pain and reduce inflammation. Ice therapy for the face assists to shrink pores quickly and promote blood circulation easily to give you flawless skin.

Mix ice with fruits, oils, and serums - In order to obtain the real skin lifting effect, customize the formula according to your specific skin needs, such as lemons for whitening, green tea for inflammation, cucumber water for reducing swelling, and coconut milk for anti-age.

Multifunctional - In addition to being used on the face, it can be used as an ice pack when you are injured and swollen. When you have a migraine, use it to massage your head.

Easy to use - Perfect for all skin types and suitable for daily use. It will relax your face and eyes. Designed for simplicity.

Skin Types

This product is suitable for all skin types.

How to Use

Fill the roller with water. Once frozen, apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals in circular motions. Suitable for face, under eyes and neck.

For optimal results use daily.

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