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Periodic Table With Real Elements

Periodic Table With Real Elements

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📚Periodic table with real elements inside is the perfect gift for the science or chemistry lover in your life.📚 



❗❗❗Real elementsReal element periodic table contains a single sample of 83 real elements. Due to the radioactivity and rarity of some products, they were excluded.

Each element is carefully embedded into the acrylic creating a unique and visually appealingpiece of art.


Elements were purposely cut,machined, melted, then sealed for viewing delight. With actual samples of the chemicalelements embedded in the crystal clear tablet, the Periodic Table of Elements is as realas it gets.


The Specs and Details:

  • Dimensions:

        Small: 6×4.5×0.8 inch

       Medium: 6.7×4.8×1 inch

      Large:  8.3×5.5×1 inch

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Element Embedment: 83 elements
  • Non-pure Elements: Fluorine (represented by natural fluorite), Radon (represented by granite), Uranium (represented by Autunite ore), Thorium (represented by thoriated metal)

Package includes:


【Note】-Does not contain harmful elements. Some elements exist in it as simple substances, and some elements exist in it as their stable compounds..

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