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Portable Pill Taker

Portable Pill Taker

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Our pill remover is thoughtfully designed to assist the elderly, individuals with arthritis, and anyone with weak hand strength.  Its simple operation makes it suitable for people of all ages, providing a helping hand when needed. 

Give it to every old person who needs it, easy pill removal!

Easy to remove pills from package😏

No more fingers scratched by aluminum paper👆

Easy To Take Out Pills
Our pill taker is compact and portable, which can effortlessly help you remove pills from the package, saving time and effort, simple and convenient.

For Pills Smaller than 2cm
This pill Taker helps you remove pills that are less than 2cm in size, thus saving you time and energy.

Storage Box Design
This medicine remover comes with its own organizer, so you can easily put the removed medicines in it, thus preventing dropping and losing them, and it is also easy to carry around.
Easy To Use
The operation is very simple, align the pill where it is located and remove the pill with a gentle press.

(1)Material: Polystyrene
(2)Size: 8x3.8cm/3.15x1.5 inches
(3)Weight: 30g

📦Package Include:
Portable Pill Taker * 1 PCS

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