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Retinol Cream-Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle

Retinol Cream-Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle

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barbara valentino

Reviewed in the US 🇺🇸 on April 15, 2023

My husband got tired of me because of my appearance, which led to our divorce. After the divorce, I spent most of my time on changing myself. After my sister introduced me to use this flavonol cream, I was skeptical at first, but I Tried it out, used a course of almost 3bottles, and I'm glad it's working on my skin. My husband also wanted to remarry me after seeing my change, I am thankful for this cream and I am very happy with who I am now.

Reviewed in USA 🇺🇸 on March 21, 2023
I have been married for many years, and as I get older I have obvious wrinkles and my husband starts to dislike my looks. But I don't want to go under the knife for plastic surgery. After hearing from my best friend that the Flavonol cream has good anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle effects, I started using it.Finally, after using it for 3 months, I found that the wrinkles are visibly reduced and eliminated. My husband has also started paying attention to me again. I'm really happy because this flavonol cream has restored my beauty and saved my marriage.

Improves skin elasticity, making facial skin firmer and more elastic. In terms of moisturizing, it can form a moisture protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss and make the skin softer and more moisturized. Use this firming face cream for a more youthful and healthy-looking complexion.

【Dual Retinol】The golden key to anti-aging, dual retinol ingredients play an important role in skin care products, especially in anti-aging formulas. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative known for its ability to boost skin renewal, enhance collagen production, and improve skin's overall texture and appearance.

【Safe and Natural Ingredients】The ingredients include bearberry smoothie, vitamin C, double retinol, licorice root extract, white fungus extract, hyaluronic acid salt,Plump and firm skin, which are safe to use.delicate and smooth, increase skin elasticity, promote collagen production, moisturize and brighten skin tone. 

Scientifically Proven

  • Flavonol face cream has been endorsed by many renowned experts. Scientific research grade "Double Retinol" (Vitamin A) is recognized by academic circles as the golden key to anti-aging, which can effectively stimulate collagen production, help reduce fine lines and improve skin roughness. In addition, it also needs to have moisturizing, moisturizing and preventing skin The effect of aging. Many brands of flavanol creams have undergone rigorous scientific research and clinical trials, and have a very good reputation.



    [How to use] After cleansing the skin, dry the skin, take an appropriate amount of cream and gently massage the skin until keratin-like flakes appear, then rinse off with clean water.


    • Size: 3.4*4.6cm
    • Weight: 30g


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