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Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner Acupressure Mat

Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner Acupressure Mat

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At the end of the day's exertion, there is nothing more than a bath to relieve fatigue

this Scrubber is specially designed for scrubbing our hard-to-reach backs in the sticks well to all kinds of acrylic, glass, fiberglass, small tile, large tile shower walls.

It is more powerful than any handheld shower brush, scrubber or sponge. We have a very pleasant massage shower every night to relieve the fatigue of the day. No more going to bed with an unrefreshed itchy back. Enjoy the feeling of a thoroughly clean body.

Easier to clean and dry than any fiber towels, shower brushes and shower sponges. Just one rinse, quick dry, less damp, less mildew.

The specially designed bristle tentacles vary in length to fit our body, vary in thickness, not too soft not too hard, combined with the body wash to scrub and clean our back and body comfortably and thoroughly.


  • Material: TPR
  • Color:Blue,Pink,Green,Orange,Grey
  • Product weight:200g
  • Product size:25*30cm


  • 1 x Back Scrubber Hands-Free
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