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Spiderman Wall Climbing Toy

Spiderman Wall Climbing Toy

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Spiderman Wall Climbing Toy

The creeping wall spider (also known as the jumping elf) is made of high-quality special rubber, which is sticky to the touch.
The ends of the hands and feet are made of soft red beads, placed on smooth glass or wall.
It will automatically roll down. There are four colors.

How to play:
Throw the villain on the smooth and clean upright desktop wall, glass (on the window), and the door will automatically flip down the bucket. You can do the tricky scrolling on the wall like a rock climber without falling. It is absolutely fun and attractive. After it is soiled, please wash it and dry it to play. This toy is available for both young and old.

Weight: 0.005kg
Material: ABS
Packaging: OPP bag
Product size: 8*3*0.5CM


Package Content:
20 x Toy

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