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SwitchEasy LenShield S Sapphire Lens Protector for iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max (2021)

SwitchEasy LenShield S Sapphire Lens Protector for iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max (2021)

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iPhone11/12/12mini/iPhone13mini/13:A set of 2 pcs Lens Protector

iPhone11Pro/11Promax/12Pro/12Promax/iPhone13Pro/Promax:A set of 3 pcs Lens Protector

With the improvement of mobile phone lenses, the protected lens is now important as it is as important as the mobile phone. Choose our  mobile phone lens protective shell, allowing your lens to prevent scratches, explosion, and stronger.


💡IP65 Waterproof & Safe: 360° IP65 waterproof design ensures that this iPhone lens won't get in the water, allowing you to use it in all locations and weather all year round.


With high quality HD glass, your mobile phone camera is more bright and more HD, and you can shoot HD pictures at night, and will not be affected by night.


*Function: Anti-scratch, Anti-explosion, Anti shock, Anti-oil, Anti-glare, Protect phone lens
*Material: Tempered glass, aluminum alloy
*Model number: iPhone 11-13 all models
*Quality Grade: AAA
*Feature: High transmittance
*Transparency: ≥ 95%


*Easy Installation




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