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The Lip Plumper

The Lip Plumper

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1. It is a painless and harmless lip tool.
2. Due to the vacuum absorption of the lips, it can expand the capillaries of the lips and eventually achieve the effect of increasing the lips.
After 3.6 weeks, the lips are really full due to more collagen.
4. Suitable for bending lips, made of food grade siliconeanti-allergic and safe.
5. No injection, no chemicals, no invasive, no pain.


Material: ABS, silicone
Color: white
Size: 90*150*50mm

Kindly note:
With the practice, you will get more confident and comfortable; and achieve the naturally fuller, sexy and charming lips.
1: Gently suction only, never hard.
2: Should not exceed 3-5 minutes every time.
3: Start slowly. A few seconds at a time, check and repeat.
4: Hard suction or long time maybe easily lead to bruising
5: Stop using it and consult the doctor, if the lips are bruising seriously.

Package Include:
Lip Plumper Device *1,
USB data cable *1,
lip film *1,
manual * 1

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