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The Unsinkable Ship

The Unsinkable Ship

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Unique blend of craftsmanship and innovation, this drift bottle takes the timeless charm of a ship in a bottle and elevates it to new heights.

Relax - Cruise ship decoration. Whether your stressed or just bored, our ships will give you a clear, ocean like relaxation and tranquility.

Meditation - Sense of serenity into your meditation or yoga practice, as the gentle movement of the fluid and the steadfastness of the unsinkable ship inspire a calm and centered state of mind

Unsinkable Fun - No matter how you shake it, flip it, or even throw it(We've Tried), It is impossible to let it sink!

One of a Kind Gift - A great gift for anyone who loves ships and sea creatures or just wants to create a secluded atmosphere for birthday, anniversary, wedding, father's day, mother's day, home decoration.

Unique Decoration Fun and cute decorations that can be placed on the table, shelf or anywhere on the table.  Beautiful appearance, our ships will float up no matter how they are placed

At its core, the Liquid Fluid Drift Bottle is a stunning glass vessel meticulously crafted to mimic the allure of a classic message in a bottle. The transparent glass reveals a crystal-clear fluid that gracefully ebbs and flows, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of motion and tranquility. The fluid, specially formulated to resemble the depths of the ocean, adds an extra layer of realism to this captivating display.


Name: The Unsinkable Ship
Material: acrylic
Liquid: mineral oil + purified water
The package includes:
1pc* Cruise Ship


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