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10X Flexible Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Make Up Round Vanity Flexible Mirror for Home

Flexible Mirror is a lighted, bendable mirror that adjusts to your needs. It features excellent suction to lock it in on any surface. In addition, the mirror comes with soft glow lighting to enhance visibility even in dark rooms. A considerable feature of this mirror is that it is distortion-free,which means that it provides an actual reflection of how you appear. Flexible Mirror is precision-crafted and has 10 times magnification for crystal-clear optics.


    Lightweight and Portable:

    Flexible Mirror does not take much space and is extremely lightweight for you to carry it anywhere you want. You can place the mirror on your dressing table or even bathroom walls. In addition, this mirror is 360-degrees swivel rotated. Its high definition clarity allows you to see blemishes, marks and spots easily.


    Flexible Mirror features soft glow lighting that will not harm your eyes. The lighting is powered by small batteries eliminating the need for wires for charging. You can mount the mirror almost anywhere in your home or office.

    Quality Construction:

    This product is free of blemishes and made of excellent glass that is resistant to fog. It is stylish and innovative making it ideal for clients who like products with great aesthetics. The mirror features a stand to make it easier for you to adjust the height and position. Flexible Mirror is coated with chrome to prevent spots and blemishes from kicking in.


Better Lighting and Results:

Flexible Mirror is backlit and offers better lighting and results with each application. A significant benefit of this mirror is that it eliminates shadows that may be caused by overhead lighting. It is one of the best options because it offers full illumination and will highlight your entire face.


The LED lighting of this mirror uses significantly less electricity than other types of lighting. In addition, the lighting has a long lifespan. Users like the fact that the product’s lighting is designed to complement their complexion.

More Space:

Flexible Mirror takes up less space in your room. It is thin, compact and can be mounted to a wall or dressing table.


This makeup mirror is quite versatile. Apart from makeup application, this mirror can be used for many other functions including plucking eyebrows or even shaving. Its compact size and 10 times magnification offers better views of where you are shaving.

Great Magnification:

The 10 times magnification of this mirror allows you to apply makeup better especially in tricky areas such as the eyes and lips. This is a considerable advantage especially for people who frequently wear eye or lip liners.

If you normally wear glasses, the magnification level of this mirror will allow you apply makeup without having to put your glasses on to see well. You can also use the mirror to put on contacts. 


Whether you attach the mirror to a wall or simply mount it on a table, Flexible Mirror offers you a great place for applying your makeup every day. Having a designated place for applying makeup means that you do not have to fight with others for some space in the bathroom. Flexible Mirror makes it easier for you to apply makeup easily because everything you need is right in front of you.

Better Visibility:

Flexible Mirror is designed to improve visibility so that you can apply makeup more precisely and evenly. Unlike a regular bathroom mirror, Flexible Mirror eliminates the need for hunching over the counter to apply makeup.