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3D Wall Figure Sculpture Resin Abstract Characters

Some people see it as being imprisoned, and some people see it as a free yearning.

These incomplete bodies break the mediocrity and silence of the old days and show unparalleled beauty.


Select the one that fits your space and impress everyone with your eclectic decoration choices. Elevate your decoration and create a positive atmosphere. It is a wonderful decoration for study, living room, the entrance.

Each part has a hook for direct hanging. You can freely choose the height of hanging.

We have our own factory, you don’t need to pay extra high money to various agents.

You can buy the best products with the least amount of money.

Each one of our wall art pieces is unique as it has been carefully made by hand

Mounting Type: Wall Mount


SIZE(cm): Abyss 34*9*12cm, Escape 31*21*9cm, Sink 18*18*18cm, Struggle 24*17.5*11.5cm, Salvation 16*16*16cm, Shackle 16*10*8cm, Scramble 18*13*7cm, Support 29*15*8cm.