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Adjustable Cable Security Combination Lock

Are you looking for the perfect combination lock that can keep your belongings safe and secure no matter where you go? Introducing the Adjustable Cable Security Combination Lock, an unbreakable security system that maximizes durability and convenience in one device. With a retractable cable length of 70 mm and a diameter of 58 mm, this lock can easily keep your items locked and tight. It is also equipped with a 3 digit combination lock, providing over 1000 combinations for added security. Additionally, its push button retraction makes it easy to recoil the cable. The cable is made of steel wire for durability and longevity. The lock is enclosed with a protective black ABS plastic covering to protect against scratches and dents. Perfect for a multitude of items, this adjustable cable lock can fit everything from a bicycle to ski, from a locker to cabinet, and everything in between.



🔒 Unbreakable Security: The combination cable lock provides maximum security with over 1000 combination codes and sturdy, reliable protection from external damage.

🔒 Easy Cable Recoiling: The push button retraction feature makes reeling in the cable easy and efficient, ready to use again in no time.

🔒 Steel Cable: The cable is made of steel wire, making it rust and corrosion-resistant to ensure lasting use


– Retractable Cable Length – 70 mm
– Diameter – 58 mm
– Combination Lock – 3 digit


1. Open the combination lock by choosing a 3 digit combination code.
2. Extend and lock the cable around the item you wish to store.
3. Push the release button to retract the cable.