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Adjustable Hole Saw Diameter 45mm-130mm Woodworking Cutting Tools Hole Opener


Multiple Adjustable Diameters: This multi-diameter adjustable 4.5-5.5 inch woodworking drill can use a single tool to cut holes of different diameters, saving money and space.

Easy to Use: No complicated instructions for use. The stepless adjustment only needs three steps: loosen and adjust, grasp.

Clean and Fine Cutting: Three three-tooth cutters can easily cut dry walls and cork boards, and their special straight serrations ensure clean and fine cutting. Triple cutter design, straight round effect, smooth cutting without burrs.

Multi-purpose: Widely used for woodworking openings, spotlight openings, plastic board openings, speaker openings, etc. but not for glass and metal.

Compatible Tools: The hole saw is about 10 mm, suitable for all standard electric drills and cordless screwdrivers. Note: The cordless screwdriver is only suitable for drywall drilling, while the electric drill can be used for drywall, oriented strand board, cork, plywood, etc.


Cutting Depth: 30mm

Shaft Diameter: 8.5mm

Shaft Length: 25mm

Material: nylon + zinc aluminum alloy

Product diameter: about 15.5cm

Adjustable range:45mm-130mm