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Baby Walker I Baby Walking Harness I Handheld Kids Walker Helper

The toddler safety walking assistant is an innovative harness that helps your child learn to walk in a safe, optimal manner while preventing any injuries that may incur from knocks and falls.


Walking aid: Walking aid is a good aid to help children stand and keep their balance. Make them stand and run more naturally. It can free your back and give your baby more confidence to learn to walk!

Material: Mainly made of cotton and breathable mesh fabric, soft cotton – thick and durable, breathable fabric so it doesn’t get stuffy in summer.

Fully Adjustable: The shoulder strap and secure buckles are adjustable to make your child as comfortable as possible.

Note: It is suitable for children between 8 and 24 months. Hand wash or washing machine.


Material: cotton, mesh fabric

Color: pink, yellow, red, dark blue, light blue

Weight: 120 g

Load Bearing: up to 20kg / 44.09 pounds

Suitable for babies with a chest size between 40 – 60 cm/15.7-2.3.6 in.


1 * Baby Toddler Safety Walking Assistant