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Cylinder Ice Cube Mold


🎁🎁 This would be a great gift idea for friends or family who love making ice. Getting ice cubes is faster and easier than ever before.

Simple ice cube trays are a fun and efficient way to make and store ice cubes. Just squeeze the ice bucket to easily release ice cubes and ice cups.

60 Ice Cubes, Extra Large Capacity

✅ Not easy to melt
✅Ice cubes of the right size for quick cold drinks and long-lasting cooling.
✅1.3 cm ice cube size is just right


🍹Safe Silicone :This product uses safe food-grade silicone material and has no strange smell. You can use it with confidence.

  • 🥃Easy Demolding: Unlike traditional hard plastic molds, these molds are easy to disassemble and you can easily remove the ice cubes from the molds. Put ice cubes into a glass and easily enjoy a chilled drink.

  • 🍸Easy to Fill — The dense closure prevents leakage, so you get a full ice cube. The ice cubes are well-shaped and rarely break. It’s an excellent alternative to traditional plastic molds.
  • 🍇Wide Range of Applications — Ideal for whiskey, cocktails, coffee. You can also put fruit, jelly, coffee, yogurt, and chocolate into the molds to make your desired ice cubes.

  • 🍓Easy to Clean — Rinse with running water under the faucet after use. You can also clean it with the dishwasher.


  • Material: Silicone+ABS
  • Farbe: Blue, Yellow+White
  • Size:



  • 1 * Cylindrical Silicone Ice Cube Tray